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Creating Authentic Relationship Energetically

  • You Have The Right To Safely Voice Your Concerns
  • Our Goal Is To Provide The Best Medical Service Possible
  • We Hope To Exceed Your Expectations

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Creating Authentic Relationship Energetically
Feedback Form

Feedback Form

Obio Cottage Hospital encourages Clients and family feedback about their experiences while at the hospital. By obtaining feedback from clients and families, the hospital can identify opportunities to improve it’s processes, thereby enhancing client and family satisfaction.

Clients Rights, Assert Your Rights To

  1. Be seen by qualified Staff
  2. Be treated with respect and dignity
  3. Expect emergency procedures to be implemented without unnecessary delay
  4. Good quality care and high professional standards that are continually maintained and reviewed
  5. Know what hospital rules and regulations apply to your conduct as a client
  6. Have your medical records treated confidentially
  7. Full information and education of your medical challenge in a language that you understand
  8. Receive information about and an explanation of your bill
  9. Express a complaint or grievance by contacting the Client Relations Department

Clients Responsibilities, Discharge Your Responsibilities To

  1. Come to the hospital at the right time. Please refer to our working schedule
  2. Respect the rights of other Clients
  3. Help control noise by being orderly
  4. Follow our guidance in helping you get well
  5. Honor appointments
  6. Maintain healthy habits in the hospital e.g Flush toilets after use, do not litter the environment with any trash; use the trash cans.
  7. Practice good infection control e.g hand washing
  8. Pay all associated fees as scheduled in the contractual agreement and invoices
  9. Provide feedback in a respectful manner, refraining from foul language, shouting and threats both in verbal and written comments
  10. Appropriately inform your caregiver of relevant changes in circumstances our situations that could affect care goals.

Tailored Solutions
What We Do, What You Get

Tailored Solutions

Obio Cottage offers a range of services designed to meet your unique needs. From accommodation arrangements to event planning, we are committed to providing personalized solutions that align with your preferences.


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